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CEA Online Student Registration

We're glad you decided to contact the Center for Educational Access!

The CEA facilitates campus access for students with disabilities and for those with chronic health or temporary limitations. Accommodation requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis for each student.

The CEA offers two options for students who want to request accommodations – Expedited Registration and Standard Registration. Please refer to the Getting Started page for details of each type of registration and general accommodation information.

Entering only one (1) form is necessary for requesting academic accommodations.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
or 479.575.3104.

Option 1: Expedited Registration
Students who opt for expedited registration do not complete an access plan meeting; and are typically processed faster than standard registrations. Expedited registration is only available for students selecting any of these accommodations:

• 1.5x or 2x extended time on exams
• Distraction-reduced testing environment
• Permission to audio record lectures

NOTE: If requesting any other accommodations, follow the standard registration process.

Step 1: Please complete the online registration form. Please be sure to upload document when you complete the following registration form.

Step 2: Watch your university email account for a status update, typically within 3 business days after we receive your request.

Option 2: Standard Registration
For students wanting to request accommodations other than those listed above or wanting an access plan meeting.

Step 1: Please complete the online registration form.

Step 2: Schedule an access plan meeting with a CEA staff member to discuss your accommodation requests and how the accommodations may be facilitated. (Accommodation other than those listed below may also be available.) Once we receive your application we will send you an appointment request link where you can share your available dates/times and preferred type/method of meeting and we will follow up confirming the date/time of your scheduled meeting.

Step 3: You may also need to provide additional documentation regarding your disability. If you have documentation, please feel free to submit it by uploading through CEA Online Services, faxing it to us at (479) 575-7445 or bring it to the access plan meeting with you.

Documentation can be submitted before, during, or after your access plan meeting.

Information about various student services can be found on the CEA webpage Academic and Other Support Services and the UA webpage Academic Support. One resource you may find particularly helpful is Student Success Center which provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, workshops, courses and videos to all students with the desire to realize their academic potential.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you!
Personal Information
  1. Note: Select when you would like to start your services.
  2. Note: Please select campus location where you will be enrolled.
  3. Note: Select when you plan to graduate.
  4. Hint: Enter 9 alpha numeric characters.
  5. Hint: Enter date in the following format Month/Day/Year (i.e. 12/31/2010).
Contact Information
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Additional Information
  1. Affiliation(s)
  2. Campus Location(s)
    Did you previously use accommodations in school? * (Selection is Required)
    Registration option 1: Expedited Registration - No access plan meeting is required and only the following accommodations may be requested. NOTE: If you request any other accommodation on this question, your registration will be processed as a Standard Registration. (If selecting Expedited Registration, mark #6 as "NA" and answer #7.)
    Registration option 2: Standard Registration – You would like to request at least one accommodation that is not available for expedited registration and/or you would like to follow the standard registration process to have an APM. Please list accommodations you would like to discuss at your APM. * (Selection is Required)
    Is there any other information you believe will be helpful for us regarding your request? * (Selection is Required)
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