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Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Custom Request

Terms and Conditions

Due to the limited availability of American Sign Language interpreters, OAS has set the following criteria for the prioritization for service provision for non-academic events:

Initial request date- Early requests are given higher priority. Although OAS will make every attempt to fill requests for interpreter service, there is no guarantee for any request submitted less than seven (7) business days prior to the event.

Providing necessary information- Promptness in providing necessary information is a factor in determining priority. A copy of the program, conference brochure and related materials must be provided ASAP. In the event of a theatrical performance, a copy of the script must be provided at least three weeks in advance. At this time, please submit all related materials to

Important Note

Please use the following fields as a first step to request your accommodation. If you have not requested any services from us, you will be asked to enter additional information before you can fill in your request.

If you are a registered student with Office of Accessibility Services and eligible for deaf and hard of hearing accommodation, please login to your account to complete your custom request.

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