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Online Student Application

Two easy steps to register
Please take a few minutes to complete this application to the best of your ability. The information you provide within this application will assist Office of Accessibility Services staff better understand your needs and the services you wish to use. To learn more about the WVU Office of Accessibility Services you can visit our website at: or by calling 304 293-6700.

Important: Please check your email for an application response or appointment notification within 24-48 business hours.
Personal Information
  1. Note: Select when you would like to start your services.
  2. Note: Select when you plan to graduate.
  3. Look up your WVU Student ID number with this link:
  4. Hint: Enter date in the following format Month/Day/Year (i.e. 12/31/2010).
Contact Information
  1. Hint: Enter 10-digit number only (i.e. enter 9998888888 for 999 888 8888).
  2. Hint: Enter 10-digit number only (i.e. enter 9998888888 for 999 888 8888).
Local Address
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Permanent Address
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Additional Information
  1. Affiliation(s)
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Requesting Accommodations at OAS

Accommodation Types
  1. Student status*
  2. Have you ever had an IEP, Section 504 Plan, or received accommodations in high school?*
  3. Do you use Accessible Format reading materials? (i.e. Digital Format/ Audio Book/ Large Print/ Braille)*
  4. Do you currently use any Assistive Technology? (i.e. Dragon, Kurzweil, Jaws, etc.)*

Students must participate in the accommodation process by requesting their specific accommodation needs to the Office of Accessibility Services, by submitting appropriate documentation that meets WVU Documentation criteria, by communicating with their Accessibility Specialist to determine if a reasonable and effective accommodation is appropriate, by evaluating the nature and requirements of each class, and by communicating to the Office of Accessibility Services any difficulties they may be having in obtaining an authorized accommodation. Reasonable accommodations are authorized under appropriate circumstances and on an individual basis.

Students must otherwise be qualified to meet the academic requirements of each class, major, or program of study in which they are enrolled. Essential functions, tasks, standards, and requirements of a class, major, or program cannot be removed or waived. Possible performance standards may be applicable within the areas of observation; communication; sensory and motor function; intellectual, conceptual, integrative, and quantitative abilities; behavioral and social requirements.

By clicking the submit button below, I understand and acknowledge the following:

  • It is my duty as a student to follow all University and Office of Accessibility Services policies and procedures, as they are written.
  • I give the WVU Office of Accessibility Services permission to review and evaluate information and/or documentation related to my request for disability related accommodations.
  • I give permission to OAS to contact me at the contact information provided on this application.
  • I have read and understand WVU Accessibility Services statement of confidentiality located at:

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